This wikisite is intended primarily to help Sixth Formers and undergraduates, and others who are interested, get to grips with some of the more challenging texts used in Sixth Form Philosophy syllabi.

There are also plenty of links to extension reading and other resources to hopefully help develop your wider interest in Philosophy.
I have selected some interesting (and searchable) web articles on Philosophy here.
And there is a more thought-through reading list for those thinking of applying for undergraduate Philosophy here.
Alternatively, if Theology is more your thing, then go here for a reading list and here for some web articles.
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The summaries, commentaries and notes I have uploaded below can be edited and added to by anyone - all users of this website can make changes. Do edit a page or add links or videos or other media if you have ideas to contribute. My hope is that the "wisdom of crowds" will help to make this a really interesting and useful resource for assisting with the study of these texts and topics. Do use the discussion boards (links at the top of each page) to discuss particular topics, and get in touch if you have any suggestions!

Hume's "Of Miracles"

Boethius on God's eternity and foreknowledge, in Book V of The Consolations of Philosophy

Freud on religion and ethics
psychology quotations; sociology quotations; summary

Sartre and Camus
nihilism; Existentialism is a Humanism; supporting material on existentialism; Myth of Sisyphus

Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morality
Preface; Essay 1; Essay 2; Essay 3; Bible quotations

Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil

Transcendental arguments