Hi - my name is Jonathan Barfield and I am a teacher and education consultant, currently based in Croydon, UK.

I teach Philosophy, Religious Studies, "Critical Reflection" (a bespoke course in Citizenship, Ethics and Critical Thinking), and Theory of Knowledge. I have experience of teaching a wide range of age groups, GCSE, A-Level and the IB Diploma Programme. I am an accredited trainer in Edward de Bono's thinking tools for education and have a particular interest in promoting the use of digital technologies and social media in the classroom, and in education contexts more widely.

I also like rugby, cows, cats, tweed, The Spectator, whisky and opera.

Do contact me via Twitter if you might be interested in INSET or training in the use of thinking tools or social media in education, or on developing strategy and pedagogy in Philosophy, Citizenship or Religious Studies. I also offer private tuition in A-Level Religious Studies and IB Diploma Philosophy.

You can follow me elsewhere on the web here:
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